General Leave Policies


The immediate supervisors are responsible for assuring that leave approvals in their areas of responsibility are reported timely and accurately.  

General Policies

  1. Sick leave and emergency leave should be requested in advance whenever possible. Since illness of staff members or their immediate families can seldom be anticipated, the Leave Request Form must be completed immediately upon return to work. However, each person absent due to an unanticipated illness or emergency must notify the immediate supervisor and/or administrative office as soon as possible on the day of his/her absence.
  2. All employees engaged in outside employment or other activities during their normal work hours must use accrued compensatory time or request personal, annual, or unpaid leave
  3. Employees who are in an approved leave status with pay are eligible to continue to receive benefits and leave accruals.
  4. Any accrued leave, excluding compensatory time, must be used concurrently with FMLA leave. All accrued leave, excluding compensatory time, must be exhausted before an employee is entitled to unpaid FMLA leave.
  5. A leave year for earning, accrual, and use of leave by employees is September 1 through August 31. Leave accrual rate changes will only take effect with the beginning of the new leave year, September 1.