Absences Due to Job-Related Injuries

The President, upon the request of an employee, may authorize that the salary of an employee   be continued during absences due  to  job-related  injuries  upon  presentation  to  the  President of  satisfactory evidence that demonstrates that the absence is due to or arising from a job-  related injury. The decision of the President is to be based upon his/her judgment in accordance with the rules and regulations  and  procedures  established  by  the  Chancellor's  Office  as  to what is in the best  interest  of  the  institution.  Eligibility  for  salary  payments  is  contingent upon the injured employees giving notice to the President/designee within 24 hours after occurrence  of the  injury. The  President may require medical certification from the employee’s physician that the employee was injured and cannot return to work (See Appendix U). The President may require a second opinion from another physician at the expense of the institution. 

Payments from whatever public or publicly-supported source derived to an employee shall not  exceed  100  percent  of  the  employee's  regular  daily  salary  for  each  day  absent.  Salary continuation for  an  employee  for  absences  due  to  a  job-related  injury  may  be   made only for temporary disabilities where there is a reasonable expectation of the employee's returning to work and salary continuation and in no event shall exceed 90 working days.

The employed, who is injured on the job, is eligible to claim unreimbursed medical expenses and costs through the State Board of Adjustment.