Adjunct Instructors

Applications for adjunct instructors are accepted at any time. Credentials are evaluated by the appropriate college-wide administrator to determine qualifications. Adjunct instructors must meet the minimum qualifications set forth by the College, Alabama Community College System, Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. In the event of unusual circumstances concerning qualifications, the  determination will  be  made by the Dean of Instruction. Personnel requests are channeled from the Campus Division Chair, to the appropriate College-Wide Dean, to the Dean of Instruction, who then makes a recommendation to the President. Neither tenure nor seniority is attained through adjunct employment.

Division Chairs are responsible for the orientation of Adjunct Faculty relating to course syllabi and objectives, grading standards, and other instructional policies and procedures. Orientation relating to general institutional policies and regulations is also the responsibility of the Division Chair. Supervision of instruction is the responsibility of the College-Wide Deans working closely with the appropriate campus Division Chair.

Adjunct instructors are evaluated at least once a term through the use of the Student Evaluation of Instruction survey.  Adjuncts will  be  evaluated with classroom observation at least once a year by the appropriate Division Chair. Original forms are reviewed and signed by all appropriate personnel, then filed in Human Resources.