Amount of Assistance, Limitations, Conditions, and Auditing

Tuition Cost

All eligible employees and their dependents will be allowed a waiver of one-third of the normally-charged tuition after the first year (full academic year or 12-month period) of employment; a waiver of two-thirds tuition after the second year of employment; and a waiver of full tuition after the third year of employment (partial tuition adjustments are to be rounded down to the nearest dollar). Salary Schedule H-35 employees will be allowed a waiver calculated at a prorated rate of full-time employment. Expenses for supplies, books, and fees other than tuition will not be waived. Each institution will be allowed to count the credit hours generated by these enrollees.


There is no limitation as to the number of credit hours taken other than the regular academic limitations that apply at the respective institutions. All students will be required to abide by the academic policies that are in effect at the institution they are attending.


To be eligible for tuition waiver, the student-employee or dependent must maintain at least a "C" (2.0 on a 4.0 scale) in the courses for which he/she receives tuition assistance. Failure of the student-employee or dependent to meet this grade requirement will result in the employee or dependent having to pay tuition for courses taken until his/her average grade is "C" or better. The student-employee or dependent can then again be eligible when his/her cumulative grade point average is brought back up to the "C" requirement.


The student-employee or dependent will be allowed to audit one course (up to five credit hours) per term at no cost. The student-employee or dependent must meet all attendance requirements, class participation, and assignments as required of credit-enrolled students except the final examination is not required. Failure to comply with these requirements will result in the student-employee or dependent becoming ineligible for further participation as an audit student in credit hour-producing courses reported for funding purposes.

Repeating Class

Tuition costs for courses repeated will be the responsibility of the student-employee or dependent and consideration under the tuition assistance program will be disallowed. Tuition assistance will be disallowed for repeating a class for which the grade of "W" was originally received.

Records Transmittal

The student-employee or dependent must re-certify eligibility, each semester, prior to registering for a new term by providing verification of course completion. After completion of the tuition waiver the form should go to: 

  1. The employee’s supervisor, if the waiver is for the employee. 
  2. Human Resources department at the institution of employment.
  3. Dean of Students at the institution of attendance.
  4. The President at the institution of attendance.

Work Week

Participation in this program is in addition to the employee's full-time work week, and should not be considered when computing the employee's time for financial compensation. However, in certain cases the employee's work schedule may be adjusted to permit course attendance. Adjustments to an employee's weekly work schedule must be recommended by the employee's supervisor and/or Dean and approved by the President.