Board of Trustees

The Alabama Community College System Board of Trustees (the “Board”) is the governing board for the Alabama Community College System. The Board shall be authorized to:  

  1. Make policies, rules and regulations for governance of community and technical colleges; the Chancellor shall assist the Board in its policymaking function by presenting to the Board for consideration new or revised policies for the governance of the System. The adoption of policy is the responsibility of the Board.
  2. Subject to regulatory and accreditation authorities, prescribe for community and technical colleges the courses of study to be offered and the conditions for granting certificates, diplomas, and/or degrees;
  3. Appoint or terminate the employment of the Presidents of the community and technical colleges, upon recommendation of the Chancellor.
  4. Direct the expenditure of legislative appropriations of community and technical colleges including, but not limited to, the allocation of the annual legislative appropriation as the board determines is in the best interests of the Alabama Community College System.
  5. Prescribe qualifications for faculty and establish an annual salary schedule and tenure requirements for faculty of community and technical colleges;
  6. Accept gifts, donations, and devises and bequests of money and real and personal property for the benefit of community and technical colleges;
  7. Establish a performance-based allocation process that is equitable and compatible with the services and programs offered by each individual community and technical college campus; and,
  8. Promote interest in the Alabama Community College System among the citizens of Alabama.
  9. The Board may acquire and hold real and personal property and may lease, rent, convey and dispose of real and personal property under its control as may be for the best interest of the community and technical colleges.