Compensatory Time and Leave

NON-EXEMPT FT EMPLOYEES:  Non-exempt full-time employees are not permitted to work over 40 hours in one week, unless expressly required and approved by a supervisor. Non-exempt full-time employees who work over 40 hours without the express requirement and approval of their supervisor will be disciplined. Non-exempt full-time employees are entitled to overtime pay unless compensatory time is awarded instead when they physically work over 40 hours in one week (physical work hours do not include any paid leave time). It is the policy of ACCS that all institutions and entities shall award compensatory time rather than overtime to non-exempt full-time employees physically working over 40 hours in one week.

Supervisors and non-exempt employees have a duty to work together to ensure that the employee does not work over 40 hours each week, absent emergency. In emergency situations where it is necessary for non-exempt employees to work over 40 hours in one week (and this has been required and approved by the supervisor), non-exempt employees must be given one and one-half hour for every hour physically worked over 40 in compensatory time, meaning if the employee works 44 hours in one week, then the employee receives 6 hours (4 x 1.5) in compensatory time. The supervisor of the non-exempt full-time employee must keep track of compensatory time and the non-exempt employee must use the time with supervisor approval within a reasonable period of it being accrued (recommend within the next month).

Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that compensatory time is being  taken by non-exempt full-time employees so that overtime is not required to be paid. Non-exempt full-time employees may not accrue more than 80 hours of compensatory time, and any time over and above 80 hours in compensatory time will be required to be paid as overtime. Compensatory time for full-time non-exempt employees will be converted to overtime and paid at the time of separation at the College.