Court Attendance

Full-time employees and Salary Schedule H employees who are required by a court to attend jury duty will be granted special leave with pay to attend.  The jury duty summons must be presented in order to be granted leave with pay.

Any employee who is required by court order, valid subpoena, or by legal counsel representing ACCS or any of its entities, to appear in their capacity as an employee will be expected to attend as part of their normal work duties.  Documentation will be required to be presented.  This section does not apply to employees who are engaged in suit or charges against ACCS or any of its entities to include  hearings, trials, depositions, meetings with lawyers, mediations, EEOC hearings, ethics commission interviews, meetings, or hearings, etc., as such is deemed a personal matter for which appropriate accrued  leave must be taken.

Any employee expected to attend court for personal matters or matters unrelated to their employment within ACCS (except jury duty) will not receive paid leave and must request and utilize other forms of accrued leave if applicable. If the employee does not have leave, leave without pay must be requested and approved prior to occurrence.

Any employee receiving leave under this court attendance policy who has been released is required to return to work immediately once the event has concluded.