Disclosure of Student Records to the Student

The student is accorded the right to inspect, in the presence of a Bevill State Community College staff member, records, files, and data primarily or directly related to his/her file. To inspect a file, a student must make a written request to the Dean of Students or designee. If a student desires to obtain copies of items in the educational record rather than personally reviewing the record, the written request to the Dean of Students must be signed and notarized to prevent disclosure to persons other than the student.

A time for inspection shall be granted within 45 days of the date of request, and copies will be mailed within the same time period. Copies shall be made and provided to the student at a cost equal to the actual cost of reproduction, payable in advance. The right of inspection does not include financial statements of parents nor confidential recommendations placed in the file prior to January 1, 1975, (provided that such recommendations were solicited) with a written assurance of confidentiality or sent or retained with a documented understanding of confidentiality and used only for the purpose solicited and other confidential recommendations, access to which has been waived by the student in accordance with the “Waiver of Access” provision of this policy.