Employees: Employees must have been employed by a System Institution or the Alabama Community College System for one full academic year or at least 12 months, whichever is less restrictive, prior to the first scheduled day of class for the term for which the employee is applying. Employee eligibility will remain in effect for the duration of their employment in the Alabama Community College System.

Dependents: Dependents will be eligible when said employee is eligible, and to the
same degree to which the employee is eligible, except as herein modified. B.  

Termination of Eligibility

Employees: Eligibility terminates if the employee discontinues full-time employment at the respective institution for any reason except on an approved leave of absence.

Dependents will be ineligible when said employee becomes ineligible, except that dependents of any employee who has 25 years or more of continuous service in the Alabama Community College System are eligible to participate in the program for a five- year period commencing with the date of the employee's retirement.