Employee Guidance for Institutional Social Media

Bevill State Community College employees should be mindful that all postings through the College’s social media are public and are expected to follow acceptable behavior and comply with Alabama law, Alabama Community College System policies, and policies outlined in the Bevill State Community College Employee Handbook. The Bevill State Community College Public Relations Department is the primary administrator for the College’s official website and social media outlets. Those who wish to contribute information, make suggestions for content, or request administration roles for the College’s social media, should contact the Director of Public Relations via email.

Divisions/Departments /Program/College-Approved Clubs of Bevill State Community College wishing to create a social media account for the benefit of BSCC must make a request to the Public Relations Department. Consideration should be given to whether information can be effectively communicated via social media, the intended (target) audience, and what is being communicated. The Public Relations Department will make decisions regarding social media sites, including authorization of sites; evaluating requests for usage; and, maintaining a list of social media accounts, domains, active account logins, and passwords. Club sites will be administered by the faculty or staff advisor, not student members or officers.