Employee Guidance for Personal Social Media

When an employee participates in a social networking environment, he or she should be free from institutional censorship or discipline. However, because employees of Bevill State Community College are representatives of the College, employees should remember that the public may interpret employees’ comments as representing the College. Therefore, employees engaging in social media postings should be accurate, exercise good judgment, show respect to others, and not subject the College to embarrassment or negative attention. Employees should not post confidential or proprietary information about the College, students, or fellow employees. If posting to the College’s official social media outlets, employees should site information from the College’s website or official policy if appropriate.

Additionally, please include the following disclaimer in the About/Bio section of any social media accounts: The opinions expressed on this site are my own and do not necessarily represent the views of Bevill State Community College or its agents.

Bevill State Community College’s Internet access should only be used for College-related business as outlined in the Bevill State Community College Administration, Faculty, Staff Internet/Network Access Agreement. While it may be appropriate to engage in social media during work hours if activity is directly related to accomplishing work-related goals or official College business, maintenance and usage of personal social media sites should be during personal time and using nonwork computers.