Explanation of Employment Opportunities

Since employment in the summer is a separate entity, distinct from the Fall and Spring semester and not guaranteed to any faculty member, certain guidelines are necessary to support equitable procedures for selecting instructional personnel. Summer employment teaching appointments will be offered for up to 100% of a full summer appointment as specified by the current faculty salary table of the Alabama Community College System and can be prorated downward according to teaching credit hours assigned and class size. The number of classes offered will be based on institutional needs. Overloads will be offered after all full-time employment requests are satisfied. Instructors should be paid an overload for a course if the instructors can have 12 credit hours without that course. Instructors must be paid an overload for all hours over 13 credit hours. 


  • The instructor who teaches four 3-credit hour classes and one 1-credit hour class will be paid 1 hour overload.
  • The instructor who teaches three 3-credit hour classes and one 4-credit hour class will not be paid an overload.
  • The instructor who teaches five 3-credit hour classes will be paid 3-credit hours overload.