Explanation of Seniority Rotation

Courses that are not Web-based will be assigned to full-time faculty members on a campus-based seniority rotation. After full-time faculty have met their requested teaching loads, not to exceed 13 hours, on their assigned/base campus(es), remaining unassigned courses are available to full-time instructors on a college-wide seniority rotation. 

Seniority is defined as the faculty member with the longest employment at the college within that faculty member's assigned teaching field(s). 
A faculty member may not claim seniority in a field in which the faculty member is not normally assigned regular duties. Instructors that teach online classes will count the online classes with at least 8 students as their first picks if the instructor is involved in a campus-based or college-wide seniority rotation. 

Web-based and IITS courses will be assigned on an as-needed basis determined by the Chair for Distance Education in conjunction with the Dean of Instruction. Instructors who have recently taught the course online will have first consideration.