Faculty Rank Increase

Faculty seeking a salary rank increase must submit a completed Faculty Rank Increase Certification Form (Appendix J). Faculty rank increase is usually granted upon completion of additional graduate coursework and/or graduate degrees as well as addition certifications of technical excellence. Faculty Rank Increase Certifications are reviewed by the appropriate College-wide Dean and approved by the President upon recommendation of the Dean of Instruction.

An instructor who seeks to advance in rank that required an additional academic degree must provide a course of study with appropriate college/university advisor signature(s) along with the Faculty Rank Increase Certification (FRIC).

The Faculty Rank Increase Certification form must be updated on an annual basis indicating progress and seeking approval for course of study changes. All approved rank increases must be completed within the time frame as indicated on the form or must be submitted for re-approval. Instructor rank may change only at the beginning of the contract year, with appropriate documentation.  Instructors  cannot  change  rank  during  the  academic  year.  The College will maintain Faculty Rank Increase Certification forms in individual faculty  files.  An  approved Faculty Rank Increase Certification will be the only means by which an instructor can advance in rank.