Hiring Process for Full-Time Positions

Bevill shall post notices for all personnel vacancies per ACCS Policy 602.02


  1. Search Committees shall be appointed by the President with a chairperson designated.
    1. The Committee must be (1) at least 40% minority and (2) at least 50% female.
    2. If a faculty position is being filled in an area from which there is no representative on the Committee, an additional ad hoc member from that division or discipline may be added by the President to assist in the selection process. The appointment of this temporary member shall not compromise the Committee composition as specified in 1A above.
  2. Each position to be filled should be justified and recommended by the appropriate administrator and approved by the President.
  3. The position announcement shall be developed from the position job description, recommended by the appropriate administrator, approved by the President.
  4. The position announcement shall be posted and distributed.  
    1. Position announcements for Salary Schedule B, C, D, E and H (Appendix B) positions shall be advertised. Position announcements for Schedule B, C, and D positions shall be advertised in at least one daily or weekly newspaper published in the College service area and at least one daily newspaper of regional or statewide coverage. Vacancies shall be reported to the Alabama Joblink, the Alabama Community College System, and to all colleges in the Alabama Community College System.
  5. All application materials shall be received by Human Resources.
  6. The Search Committee shall determine the selection criteria for each position based upon specifications outlined in the position announcement.
  7. If more than ten (10) applications are received from persons who meet minimum qualifications, the President, in conjunction with the Search Committee, has the option of conducting a preliminary screening of these applicants to determine a “reasonable number” for interviews. This “reasonable number” cannot be less than ten (10), and the President’s participation in the preliminary screening cannot be delegated to anyone else.
  8. At the request of the President, the Human Resource Office shall verify education, experience, and references for the finalists.
  9. Selected candidates for B, C, D, E, and H positions shall be interviewed by the Search Committee. After the interviews, the Committee shall recommend to the President in alphabetical order the top three finalists and shall submit an applicant report on each candidate. The three finalists shall be interviewed by the President, who may elect to include appropriate administrators.
  10. After interviews are concluded and recommendations have been reviewed, the President shall notify Human Resources  regarding the employment decision via the applicant report.
  11. A written offer of employment shall be extended by the President Board Policy 603.01.
  12. The Human Resources office, upon receipt of a written acceptance of employment, shall notify all other applicants interviewed.
  13. The Alabama Community College System shall be notified of the President’s selection for Salary Schedule B, C, and D positions.
  14. Internal postings are permitted to fill a current institutional position with a current institutional employee.