Instructor Load and Hours

The duties of an instructor are determined by the President, with the understanding that good professional judgment will be exercised. The number of preparations, the number of students taught, and the number of contact hours are considered in determining instructor loads. No distinction is made between day, extended day, weekend, evening, and off-campus courses. Personnel are employed to provide education for those enrolled, regardless of the day and time of day. Each full-time academic instructor at any institution under the authority, direction, and control of the Alabama Community College System shall teach 15 to 16 credit hours per term or the equivalent for the academic year, fall and spring semesters. The minimum contact hours for technical faculty per week cannot fall below 25 hours, not to exceed 30 hours. The minimum contact for health science is 24 hours, not to exceed 30 hours.

The President will determine equivalent credit hours for non-teaching assignments in accordance with guidelines established by the Chancellor. The summer term requires 12-13 credit hours for both academic and technical faculty to be considered full-time.