The College participates with the Public Education Employee’s Health Insurance Plan (PEEHIP) through the Retirement Systems of Alabama. Full-time employees and permanent part-time instructional and non-instructional employees working twenty (20) or more hours per week are entitled to a State allocation, the amount to be legislated annually. An employee receives the allocation for each month as long as the employee is in pay status for at least one half of the working days of that month. Employees may make insurance changes during the PEEHIP Open Enrollment period each year (July and August, to be effective October 1). Each June, PEEHIP will send an open enrollment email reminder to colleges and a postal card reminder to the employees’ home address. All necessary forms and instructions can be found on the TRS web- page:

New employees may enroll on their date of employment, the first day of the month following employment, or during open enrollment (July and August of each year) to be effective October 1.

An employee who chooses not to participate in any PEEHIP sponsored hospital-medical or supplemental plans is not entitled to a wage supplement. 

The College encourages all employees to visit the PEEHIP website for detailed insurance information and miscellaneous forms:

Employees may also call PEEHIP at 1-877-517-0020 and speak to a PEEHIP representative for a response to personal insurance questions.