Overload Classes/Under-Enrolled Classes

Full-time Academic Instructors 

Full-time academic instructors may be employed to teach one additional course and/or lab per term for pay. The overload course must be taught outside the normal 35-hour work week of the instructor. A faculty member is considered a full-time instructor, for purposes of overload classes and pay, once that instructors teaching assignment is 15 or 16 credit-hours, depending on the credit-hours assigned to courses in specific disciplines or areas. For example, a science instructor teaching four (4) courses of four credit-hours each would be granted overload pay beginning with the seventeenth credit-hour in addition to the 35 hour work week. An English instructor teaching five (5) three-credit-hour courses would be granted overload pay beginning with the sixteenth credit- hour in addition to the 35 hour work week.

Full-time Career Technical and Health Science Instructors 

A full-time technical instructor may be employed to teach a maximum of 7 additional contact hours per week for pay. Technical faculty’s overload is based on contact hours exceeding 30 contact hours per week.

Under-Enrolled Adjunct or Overload Classes 

Under-enrolled classes taught by faculty on an adjunct rate or overload basis will be taught if instructor cost is equal to or less than the total tuition paid by students enrolled. If this condition is met, classes will not be canceled and the instructor will be paid the prevailing rate per credit hour. However, courses determined to be essential by the College Wide Dean and Dean of Instruction that do not meet this standard may be run on a prorated basis.