Permissible Social Media Content

Employee administrators are responsible for all content on the social networking platforms they manage. Examples of content permitted on Bevill State Community College social media include: 

  • Links to media stories concerning the school (e.g. news releases, articles written by the local paper, videos produced by local TV broadcasters, etc.)
  • Event announcements with links to or images of fliers and recaps of events
  • Posts from instructors announcing they are available to tutor, information about student support services, career center information, etc.
  • Information on graduation
  • Interaction with "fans" such as polls about what kind of academic programs the College should offer important updates or announcements
  • Posting photos or videos of events, and marketing videos created by BSCC
  • Interesting facts (e.g. "This semester, Bevill State has students enrolled from ages 15 to 83; the oldest student to ever attend was 96.")
  • Updates on athletic teams and student clubs and activities
  • Announcements on discounts at the College‚Äôs bookstores

Account administrators are also responsible for deleting inappropriate postings by external social media users and third parties from their page. These include, but are not limited to: derogatory language including any use of language that discriminates based on race, sex, sexual orientation, ethnicity or religion.