Procedure for Conflict of Interest and Ethics

  1. Full-time employees may engage in outside employment provided that such activity: (a) does not interfere with the performance of other responsibilities as a System employee; (b) does not require use of institutional resources or facilities.
  2. In an effort to identify potential conflicts, each institution is responsible for developing procedures that require employees to notify the institution of activities in which they engage that might interfere with the performance of their job responsibilities or that diminishes the value or inhibits the operation of the institution.
  3. In compliance with Alabama Community College System policy 615.01 and the BSCC local policies: Conflict of Interest and Ethics and Outside Employment, an employee is required to complete the “Notification of Secondary Employment” form and submit the form for review and approval to the President via his/her immediate supervisor and appropriate President’s Cabinet Member prior to entering into an agreement of secondary (outside) employment. It is the responsibility of the employee to notify the College by submitting a revised “Notification of Secondary Employment” form if the status of a previously approved secondary employment changes. If no change occurs with the previously approved secondary employment, the employee is required to re-submit the “Notification of Secondary Employment” form for review and approval on an annual basis. (Appendix C)
  4. Employees on C salary schedule must complete a “Request to Teach” form to document teaching hours within working hours. With an explanation of how regular work time will be made up.   (Appendix D)

Employees must not allow a personal or outside interest to interfere with their duties and responsibilities to BSCC. Even the appearance of a conflict of interest should be avoided. Any arrangements or relationships that may pose a conflict should be disclosed. 

Although not an all-inclusive list, examples of conflicts of interest that should be disclosed under this policy include: 

  1. a.    Conducting business with an individual or entity in which you or your relative have a personal, managerial or substantial financial interest;
  2. Maintaining an external consulting or other business or employment relationship with a supplier, vendor or competitor of BSCC which would impair your independence of judgment in the performance of your duties at BSCC;
  3. Competing with BSCC, or competing with other external vendors for BSCC business, whether as an individual, as an employee of another organization, or through a separate entity owned or operated by you or your relative that exists outside of your employment duties with the College;
  4. Directly supervising or evaluating the work of a relative; e.    Unauthorized use of confidential, privileged, or proprietary information obtained in connection with your position, or use of such information for your personal benefit or the personal benefit of another;
  5. Making use of any BSCC asset, including the BSCC name and trademark, resources, or supplies outside the scope of employment;
  6. Participating in any way in any negotiation or transaction between BSCC and a business entity in which you or your relative has a personal, managerial or substantial financial interest;
  7. Participating in any decision, such as decisions concerning initial appointment, retention, termination, promotion, salary, or leave of absence, that involves either a direct benefit or a detriment to a relative;
  8. Soliciting personal gifts or special favors from individuals or entities that provide, or seek to provide, services or supplies to BSCC.