Professional Development Leave

Full-time personnel employed by Bevill State Community College shall be granted professional and/or vocational leave with pay for up to ten (10) days per year upon approval by the President. Professional and/or vocational leave with pay for more than ten (10) days per year shall be granted upon written request of the President and approval of the Chancellor. Professional Development Leave will be provided if the professional and/or vocational development activity will enhance significantly the employee's direct contributions to the institution and is consistent with the goals of the employee's professional and/or vocational development plan. A written statement must accompany each request, and a written report must be submitted to the President upon completion of the activity. Documentation of the activity, its purpose, and the benefits derived must be placed in the official personnel file or appropriate professional development files.

If an employee who was granted professional development leave separates from the college within one year of the professional development event, the employee is required to reimburse the college for any funds expended on behalf of the employee. The College may deduct these amounts from an employee’s paycheck. The President may elect not to require reimbursement due to special circumstances, such as separations due to medical reasons or layoffs. Approved activities sponsored by ACCS or the employee’s college are part of the employee’s regularly assigned duties and are not a type of leave.