Publicity and Promotion Policy

The Public Relations Department is responsible for providing public information, publicity and promotion of the College and its activities. All promotional advertising, publications, and contacts with the media should be cleared through this office. Please use the Public Relations Request for Services Form (See Appendix TT). 

Contact with Media 

In order to streamline Public Relations and publicity functions, all news releases or statements made on behalf of the College to the media are to be handled through the Public Relations Department. Any event (registration, GED testing, student honors, special program promotion, etc.) to be publicized in area newspapers, on television, or the radio, should be submitted to the Public Relations Department. Employees should be conscious of allowing the necessary “lead time” when making requests.

Any College employee  who  receives  a  request  for  College-related  information  from  the  media shall forward the request to the Public Relations Department. Only spokespersons representing Public Relations and the Office of the President are authorized to provide College-related information to the media. Exceptions to this policy may be made at the discretion of these offices.


All advertising of Bevill State programs and services through mass media (newspaper, magazine, radio, television, billboards/outdoor promotion, Web site, social media, etc.) must be approved by the  Public Relations Department. The Public Relations Department will evaluate the  purpose, content, presentation and cost of all advertising requests.


To present a consistent image among all departments and divisions of the College, it is important that uniform formats, styles, and colors, be used in printing of college materials. To assure uniformity in presentation of the College’s image, certain guidelines should be followed. Any printed material to be distributed off-campus for the purpose of information and/or promotion must be approved by the Public Relations department, including in-house production using laser printers as well as production for a commercial printer.

Official Logo 

Any use of the official College logo must be approved by the Public Relations