Required Disclaimer

All BSCC department and student social networking platforms must include or link to the following disclaimer:

This [TYPE OF SOCIAL MEDIA] account and/or page is a resource of an organization affiliated with Bevill State Community College. Content on this page may not necessarily reflect the opinions of the College or its leadership. In addition, any and all content posted by "fans" is the property and responsibility of the fans, not BSCC, and the College accepts no liability or responsibility for any fan-posted content or target site linked to or from this page. While we appreciate and encourage the thoughtful exchange of ideas, conversations will be monitored and comments may be deleted if threatening, inappropriate, offensive or libelous language is used, or if comments on a post veer off-topic from the original post. Any commercial offers may be removed from the site.

For Facebook pages, the above disclaimer verbiage should be copied and posted in the "Story” section, accessible through the page's “About” area. In the case of social media platforms that do not include the ability to post a long disclaimer, such as Twitter and Instagram, the Communications Department will assist with the appropriate disclaimer process and link.