All textbooks and supplemental material required of students will be sold through the Follett bookstores. Under no circumstances are instructors to sell or take orders personally for such items. Instructors must use only those textbooks/materials approved for the course taught. Textbooks/materials provided by the instructor’s department/division remain the property of the department/division. 

  1. Each discipline committee will review and recommend textbooks/materials through appropriate administrative/instructional processes.
  2. The textbook/materials to be considered must meet the course description in the catalog and state syllabus.
  3. A primary consideration of the committee shall be the cost of the textbook/materials to the student.
  4. If the textbook/materials will lead to personal profit for the author who is a member of the Instructional discipline committee seeking to adopt the textbook/materials, the author shall not be permitted to vote.
  5. The committee will make recommendations for adoption of textbook/materials to the appropriate College-Wide Dean.
  6. The use of any supplementary textbook/materials which the instructor requires the student to purchase must be approved by the curriculum committee.
  7. The Disciple Chair will be responsible for informing the bookstore of the approved textbook/materials. 
  8. New books must be adopted using the Textbook Adoption Form (See Appendix NN).