Work Schedule Policy for Full-Time Faculty

Each full-time instructor, librarian, or counselor employed on Schedule D is required to maintain a weekly schedule that includes a minimum of 35 hours on campus excluding lunch breaks or other activities considered time off-the-clock. Faculty must schedule a minimum of 30 consecutive minutes off-the-clock break if six consecutive hours of work time are scheduled. 
Ten office hours per week should be scheduled to serve students. An exception to this policy includes faculty whose contact hours exceed 25 hours per week as part of their normal teaching load. Office hours cannot begin before 7:30 a.m. unless faculty are teaching classes scheduled before 8:00 a.m. If classes are scheduled before 8:00 a.m., office hours should be scheduled a maximum of 30 minutes prior to class. A total of at least three hours, office hours or in-class hours, must be scheduled on each of the College workdays, except for faculty who primarily teach day classes or a day program and have been assigned by administration to teach an evening course(s) during a specific term.  In this case, the faculty member does not have to schedule hours on Fridays.  If an instructor teaches an overload, these overload hours should be scheduled outside the regularly scheduled thirty-five hours (excluding lunch and breaks) per week. Work schedules must be approved each term by the Division Chair and College-Wide Dean by the fifth day of classes. 
Work schedules are then reviewed by the Dean of Instruction. Office hours must be posted online and on syllabi. Any deviations from approved schedules must be approved by the Division Chair. Full-time faculty members are required to maintain campus office hours. Faculty teaching online courses are required to schedule online hours to assist students enrolled in Internet courses. 
Faculty at Bevill State Community College are allowed two online office hours per online class and one per hybrid class off campus that are included in their typical work week schedule, not to exceed 5 hours per week. As part of the faculty evaluation process these office hours are verified annually for tenured faculty and every semester for non-tenured, part-time, and adjunct faculty. 
Faculty schedules will be retained in the respective Campus Division Chair’s office and the office of the appropriate College-wide Dean.